We would like to say a very warm welcome to the newest member of the 300 North team, Annie Broadhurst.

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    Annie is our recruitment administrator and she will have a diverse role which includes supporting the recruitment consultants as well as the wider operations and marketing functions.

    Here's what Annie had to say about her first few weeks at 300 North:

    300 North's Company Culture - An inside look...

    I started with 300 North on the 20th of March after passing various interview stages. I have had a lot of difficulty in the past with interview nerves, which meant I struggled to communicate effectively when under pressure.

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    I had been to multiple interviews in the last few months and felt the way interviewers often spoke to me was in a patronising and intimidating manner.

    However, 300 North were nothing like this, I have never felt so welcomed and comfortable in an interview. I felt for the first time in this situation I was able to be myself and speak with confidence. Jenny and Katie chatted with me about everything and anything. I left the interview feeling a sense of achievement and relief.

    At the second stage, I met with Paul the CEO and completed numerous assessments. Immediately Paul put me at ease and assured me that nerves were a good sign, and we spoke for an hour and a half. I couldn’t believe how down to earth and friendly he was. I feel as though having a conversation about everyday life during an interview helps a nervous candidate immensely! I began to realise that my personality and work ethic were more important than what previous experience I had. It became clear how much pride 300 North have in their team and office environment.


    I have now worked at 300 North for 3 weeks. The culture within the office is completely different to any other I have worked in. Firstly, I completed an Ergonomic desk assessment. I was made aware of the risks of sitting in a slouched way and my computer was set up correctly for my height. I hadn’t had one of these assessments before and it immediately made me feel like my health was important to the company.
    The office itself is littered with potted plants and each desk is unique to the persons requirements and tastes. It feels comfortable, clean and spacious. It is definitely not a stuffy and suffocating office environment.

    Every employee here has their own quirks and unique personalities, but all share a passion for health and wellbeing. For example, this week we are having a group yoga session which will be interesting! The team also go on weekly runs and partake in other challenges. I have noticed that no matter the position or status within the company, everyone is treated as equal and no one is excluded from the office chat or outings!

    Because of the relaxed welcoming environment, I feel as though I have been able to pick up information and train a lot quicker. There have been no pressures or moments of embarrassment. No question is too small to ask. My team have been patient and a calm influence. I feel as though each individual has been matched perfectly with the company ethos which has created a thriving team environment.


    I have realised that a good company culture can definitely be used as a way to alleviate stress and enhance productivity.