How to cope with the unpredictable business landscape

In the current climate, where advice and guidelines change on a weekly basis and every other sentence begins with the phrase “in these uncertain times”, it’s more difficult than ever to anticipate and adapt to the changes that many of us will be experiencing in our professional lives. For some, this means something as simple as a reorganised office or a temperature check upon arrival. For others, it could mean redundancy.

The best way to cope with sudden and potentially transformative changes is to prepare for them in advance and make sure you have put yourself in the best possible position to react. Here are three things you can do to remain flexible and avoid being caught out by the ever-changing business environment.

Stay Informed

Keep abreast of the latest developments regarding the pandemic. Stick to reputable, official sources to ensure you remain in the loop and are aware of the latest restrictions and advice. Understanding the precise circumstances in which your company is operating will help you to anticipate change and act accordingly.

Understand your position

It’s important that employers do everything they can to remove uncertainty. Accordingly, management should maintain regular communication with employees to detail any changes to their role and responsibilities, and employees should not hesitate to seek reassurance and clarity regarding their position.

Broaden your skillset

The pandemic has brought technology to the forefront of many workplaces. For example, programs like Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams have become essential for many workers trying to maintain productivity and stay in touch with colleagues while working remotely. Familiarising yourself with these new tools is an easy way to expand your capabilities, increasing your value to your current company and making you a more attractive proposition to potential future employers.

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