How the pandemic has changed the way we view cleaning services

The coronavirus pandemic continues to prove incredibly challenging for businesses all around the world. However, it has also served to highlight the importance of something that is often taken for granted, sometimes seen as an afterthought or even an inconvenience – cleaning.

Professional cleaning has traditionally been something of an invisible service, only ever used in a way that minimises disruption in the workplace and with quietness and convenience given priority. Cleaners arrive late in the day, after much of workforce has completed their day and gone home. The result is a service that can easily go unnoticed, and consequently its importance can be forgotten about.

With businesses now confronted with a highly infectious virus and forced to adapt their practices in a number of ways, attitudes to professional cleaning services have changed. Seeing a cleaning team operating on a business’ premises during the working day is now a reassurance, not an inconvenience. Employees can go about their day safe in the knowledge that their workplace is as hygienic as possible, and the visible presence of a cleaning team demonstrates to customers that the business has taken a proactive approach to minimising the risk of infection.

The coronavirus pandemic has ensured that it is no longer feasible to consign professional cleaning to a behind-the-scenes role. Instead, it is now one of top priority and rather than trying to fit cleaning around the working day, businesses are now finding themselves doing the opposite.

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