The current challenges around Covid-19 have limited the chances of having face to face interactions, meaning LinkedIn is more relevant than ever. With millions of professional profiles, LinkedIn is a great tool for networking, researching companies and jobs, and for gaining exposure to potential opportunities.

If you are looking to present yourself in the best way to potential employers and recruiters, here are a few tips to help enhance your LinkedIn profile:

Complete your profile

This sounds very simple but more often than not, profiles are incomplete and offer limited information. Ensuring each section is complete with as much relevant detail as possible will make your LinkedIn profile stand out and provide a recruiter with the information they need about your experience and skills. This may take time initially, but it will be valuable in the long run!

Choose the right photo

It’s likely that your photo will be the first thing people see when visiting your profile. Therefore, choosing a professional, high quality image with the right dimensions is essential for providing a good first impression.

It’s all in the headline

After your profile picture, the headline is the first thing visitors will read. This needs to be concise, stating your position and what you can offer. Choose your words carefully, using key terms that people search for will increase your chances of being discovered.  

Spend time on the summary

The summary provides space to expand on the headline and allow profile visitors to learn more about you. Like the headline, it is important to include key words that are used within your industry or the jobs you are looking for to increase your chance of being discovered by recruiters. The summary should be written in first person with a professional yet warm tone. It is also an opportunity to be creative with your words and add a personal touch to your profile, so avoid using generic terms. Remember, this is a platform to establish your personal brand, build credibility and an extension of your CV so highlight your achievements and strengths.

Request recommendations

There’s nothing better than highlighting positive feedback you’ve received from colleagues or people you’ve worked with in the past. Requesting recommendations is a great way to build up a mini portfolio of testimonials to show recruiters that other people value your strengths.

Be active!

Regularly posting and sharing updates is a good way to show your network that you are active and interested in interacting on the platform. Sharing industry news or even publishing your own articles will also make you stand out and emphasise your interest and passion for the industry you’re in. In addition to posting, regularly connecting with relevant people is a good way to expand your network and start conversations.

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