It’s an exciting, intriguing and nail-biting time for facilities management (FM). With each month that passes, the FM sector is required to meet the present and predicted needs of a market filled with challenges and complexities.

    From workplace tech to wellbeing, all this talk of change has got us thinking about the trends beginning to seriously shape the future of FM.

    Top talent

    Attracting and retaining talent is high on the agenda for companies who want to thrive with a loyal and skilled workforce. Ways of addressing this issue include the introduction of spaces that encourage collaboration, creativity and productivity. Understanding what motivates a diverse and ageing workforce is also an important factor.

    Climate change

    As the sector takes on further responsibility for positively contributing to activities that improve environmental performance, the implications of climate change are likely to heighten for FM providers. From design, through to maintenance, buildings will be scrutinised to ensure they comply to an ever-increasing list of environmental concerns.

    Technological tactics

    The opportunities available within FM thanks, in part, to advances in technology, are nothing short of amazing (and a little bit scary!). Innovations such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and robot technology, to name a few, have the potential to reduce labour costs and increase efficiency by replacing physical workforces.

    Data decisions

    With technology comes the ability to collect and analyse data. While this is hugely beneficial when it comes to making smart business decisions, it opens up further issues surrounding data privacy. This could lead to the introduction of further regulations and new laws which FM providers must abide by.

    Outsourcing objectives

    The global outsourced FM market is expected to grow but uncertainty around the stability of outsourcing remains. Businesses who feel staff members have a better understanding of the organisation than contractors, are starting to bring outsourced work back in-house.

    Competing companies

    As with anything, competition is always going to exist when new ‘players’ emerge. In order to stay ahead of the game and help their customers to do the same, FM providers must be innovative in their approach. They must also demonstrate how they can help businesses achieve their growth plans and strategic objectives with FM solutions.

    Knowledge know-how

    As the demand for complex and advanced FM practices becomes the norm, so too does the need for skilled FM professionals who can drive them forward. Such individuals will have the required knowledge and understanding of advanced operations in order to successfully fulfil the brief.

    Political pitfalls

    The future of the economy is uncertain (and we all know why). There is, unfortunately, a worst-case scenario that sees budgets heavily cut, loss of jobs and leading industry players going under. That said, the FM sector has, in the past, proved itself to be made of stronger stuff. We’re crossing our fingers for a positive and brighter future!

    Wellbeing wonder

    Wellbeing within the workplace is an important issue for companies, and rightly so. From a workplace point of view, this means creating an environment that promotes active and productive lifestyles, in turn, making staff feel happy, healthy and a valued member of the business.

    Personal proposition

    This works on several levels, but tailored services, products and solutions will not only be expected by consumers but employees too. What’s more, companies will expect their FM providers to offer a service that is individual and personal to their needs in order to maximise their value proposition.

    We’re looking forward to learning more about how these trends are developing and impacting the industry at next month’s Facilities Show in London - the biggest FM event in the world! Get in touch and let us know if you’re attending too.